A Couple of Retirements

It is with mixed emotions that Summit announces that Larry Hewitt & Albert Loucks have retired as of July 27, 2018.

Larry Hewitt – Machinist, Purchasing Agent, Sales Person

Larry, one of the owners for Summit has decided that the time has come to sit back, relax and enjoy life. In the future you will probably find Larry on a golf course somewhere or just laying in a hammock reading a book.

Albert Loucks – Welder and Jack of all Trades

Albert, one of the owners of Summit has also decided that the time has come to retire. You will probably find Albert with a fishing line in the water somewhere whether the water is open or frozen. Or perhaps, working in his garage just keeping busy.

Both of these owners will be missed. Their expertise, knowledge and dedication to Summit Custom Machining was invaluable in creating the company that we know today and we wish them a very long, happy and healthy retirement.

This leaves Dan Robinson as the sole owner of the company. Although there will be some challenges losing two long term partners, everyone is looking forward to the future and the opportunities it provides for many of the long term employees.

Richard Krauss will be replacing some of Larry’s duties. He brings over 20+ years of experience in the industry and will be responsible for all quotes and indoor sales. Please feel free to contact Richard in person, by phone or email at richard.summit@myaccess.ca.

Matt Wagman has replaced Larry with outdoor sales as many of you might already know. Matt has 15+ years of experience as a machinist and will be more than happy to come to your work place and speak with you about all your machining needs. Matt can be contacted by phone.

Finally that leaves me, Ron Wills. I’m another machinist with 15+ years of experience and also a computer programmer/analyst. I’ll be the one managing this website and keeping everyone up to date here. If anyone has any concerns or questions about the web content I can be contacted by email at webmaster@summitcustom.com.

All of us at Summit Custom Machining hope, with all the changes of the next few months, that all of our current and future customers will be happy with our products and services that everyone has come to expect from us over that last 20 years.